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Business model

The Clearbanc system allows aspiring entrepreneurs to access capital without a personal guarantee or equity. The system uses data from existing platforms, like Facebook and Stripe, to determine the economics of a business. Qualified businesses receive ongoing capital in one day, with no repayment date. The startup’s business model is unique from other online financial institutions. In contrast, other lenders require collateral or equity. The Clearbanc system also requires no personal guarantees and no equity to access funding.

A CLEAR FINANCE TECHNOLOGY CORPoration has created a new model for providing startup capital. Through its Clearbanc product, it provides growth capital to online businesses. Rather than using a personal credit score, Clearbanc looks at actual business data, such as cash flow and profitability. Founders Andrew D’Souza and Michele Romanow, both serial entrepreneurs and angel investors, founded Clearbanc. The company was also part of the first group of Y Combinator Fellows.

Legal status

If you’re wondering what the legal status of CLEAR FINANCE TECHNOLOGY CORP. is, read on to discover more about this Canadian company. Founded on 05-Aug-2015, CLEAR FINANCE TECHNOLOGY CORP. is a Non-distributing company with over 50 shareholders. Its registered office is located at 33 Yonge Street, Suite 1200, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1G4. You can find more information about the company by visiting its official website.

Raising capital

E-commerce merchant financing company, CLEAR FINANCE TECHNOLOGY CORP, has raised more than $100 million in equity funding from investors including Apple Inc. executives and a Canadian bank subsidiary, Credigy. By leveraging the cheaper costs of debt from Credigy, Clearco can offer better rates and terms to its customers. This round represents a significant milestone in the company’s development. However, there are many questions investors may have before they invest.

The company continues to expand its international footprint. It recently hired Ruma Bose, Chief Growth Officer, and Sarah Clark, Head of the UK. The SoftBank Vision Fund 2 investment will be used to accelerate expansion plans. Other new executives join the company include Satwik Seshasai, former CEO of Compass, and Katy Shackelford, VP of product. Clearco’s latest funding round has fueled the company’s international expansion plans.



CLEAR FINANCE TECHNOLOGY CORP., co-founded by Dragons’ Den star Michele Romanow, is a fintech company with an impressive track record. Its flagship product, Clearbanc, has recently raised a US$100 million series C round and secured a $250 million debt offering from National Bank subsidiary Credigy. Together, these funding vehicles have raised the company’s valuation to almost US$2 billion. But what do these new investors mean for the company?

For its next round, Clearco will need to tap larger sources of off-balance sheet debt financing. In December, it raised a US$250 million debt facility from Credigy Ltd., a subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada, which offered a lower cost of capital than earlier credit providers. If Clearco is unable to raise further funding from its existing credit sources, it plans to turn to securitization markets, which largely cater to the demand of yield-hungry investors.

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