EZ Auto Finance – Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership

EZ Auto Finance as a “buy here pay here” business that is notorious for selling vehicles with major mechanical problems. The article claims that the company sold a community member’s car with serious mechanical problems, and that the vehicle was “not repaired by EZ Auto Finance.”

EZ Auto Finance is a buy here pay here dealership

EZ Auto Finance, a Florida-based buy here pay here dealership, offers financing for all kinds of used vehicles. Their inventory is well-maintained and inspected by certified mechanics, including sports cars and SUVs. If you don’t like the model you see, you can return it. But if you want to keep it, you should know that it may negatively affect your credit score.

When deciding whether to finance a vehicle through a buy here pay here dealership, it’s important to understand your options before making a decision. A traditional dealership might reject you for your bad credit history, even if you have a down payment and steady income. In addition, the list of vehicles you can choose from will depend on your credit history and the amount you have available. Traditional dealerships may require a long list of documents, such as proof of residency. In a buy here pay here dealership, however, they’ll work around any missing documentation.

The benefits of a buy here pay here dealership are many. These dealerships are usually more flexible with the approval process, and you can purchase a quality car with a low credit score. However, it’s important to remember that a buy here pay here dealership deals with a higher risk car buyer, and interest rates and penalties for missed payments can be higher than the traditional car buying process.

EZ Auto Finance - Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership

EZ Auto Finance sells vehicles with serious mechanical issues

When looking for a used car, a mechanic’s diagnosis will be the first step in determining whether or not your vehicle has mechanical problems. Mechanical issues include bent steering parts, loose suspension parts, and rusted through exhausts. Regardless of the extent of your car’s problems, most dealerships will still consider trading-in your vehicle if you have a mechanical problem. Dealerships have to make money on their vehicles in order to stay in business.

EZ Auto Finance has not worked on a community member’s vehicle

In Houston, Texas, EZ Auto Finance is a used car dealership wedged between a tile store and a defunct bank. While they boast three mobile offices staffed with salespeople, they lack the proper facilities to maintain a vehicle. Instead, they sublet out vehicle maintenance to third-party mechanics. But judging by their inventory, the vehicles are extremely well maintained.

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