Finance bro Starter Pack

Finance bro, consider investing in a Finance bro starter kit. You can choose from a variety of accessories to show off your new found success. From smoked cocktails to smoky cigars, Finance bros are all about bringing the wow factor to their social gatherings. Smoked cocktails are as much a part of the Finance bro starter pack as the Rolex Submariner is to a man’s wardrobe.

Finance bro Starter Pack

Silicon Valley investor stereotype

The start-up kit VC Starter Kit plays off the “tech investor stereotype” with items like a Patagonia sweater and Allbirds sneakers. The pair has a California accent, which seems perfectly appropriate given their background as high-tech entrepreneurs. The startup is backed by Sequoia Capital and featured on several “30 under 30” lists. The company has a charitable aspect, as they donate a portion of the profits to AllRaise, a nonprofit that promotes diversity in the technology industry.

This stereotype is also often based on the company’s mission. Often, these are grandiose, but they don’t align with the company’s business model. For example, Facebook claims its mission is to make the world more open, but its business model is to sell ads. Its original corporate motto is “move fast and break things.” This is a red flag and has been deemed deprecated.

As an African-American, Walker was excited to make the investment pitch to Silicon Valley investors. While pitching to VCs, Walker encountered some barriers to success. Among them, the lack of minority representation in the tech industry is appalling. VCs are proud to boast about their color-blind meritocracy, yet few of these executives are of color. This is especially sad because black and Latino entrepreneurs account for just 1% of all venture-backed companies.

Finance bro Starter Pack

Buying a Finance bro starter pack

It’s possible to buy a Finance bro starter pack for yourself. Most Finance bros live in Chevy Chase or NoVa, attend classes at the orange theory three times a week, and are generally not as successful as you might think. The most prestigious positions related to finance include hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, and senior investment bankers. And most Finance bros went to one of the world’s top institutions. And they’re still interesting people.

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