Mariner Finance

Mariner finance. We will match you with a personal Loan near you, meet your urgent needs and help you realize your long-term dreams. We understand that every borrower and every debtor is different. Let’s take the time to get to know him. You can even apply for a personal loan online.

Mariner Finance, which has been serving municipalities since 1927, has more than 480 branches in twenty-seven states and works and lives as close as possible to our customers. There is a high probability that we will be with them, or we will be soon, as they continue to grow. Our experienced team members are ready to help you with your financial needs. Find a branch in your Region or State and explore Loans in your area.

Mariner Finance

Is Mariner Financial Check Legit?

Is Mariner Financial check legit? If you received a check by mail from Mariner Finance, Congratulations! You received this check based on your credit history.  To get your money, bring your check to your bank and deposit it or deposit it as soon as possible with your mobile device! No Line. Do Not Wait. Just deposit it or use your check. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Loan, we offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee!

Since 1927, the Mariner Finance Corporate family has been offering its customers individually tailored and convenient loan options with the aim of combining them with a personal loan that meets their immediate needs. The main principle of Mariner Finance is that first-class customer service creates lasting Relationships. Our experienced team members are proud to find options that fit the specific needs of each client and are ready to help you.  First-class Customer Service is the reason for our continued success and recognition by our customers as the society’s preferred consumer finance company.

What happened Mariner Finance?

What happened Mariner Finance? Pioneer Credit Company has been a leader in the Financial Services industry for more than 44 years. Pioneer Credit Company was founded in April 1974 and opened its first office in the small town of Cleveland, Tennessee. The vision was to create a different type of financial company – one that is committed to the community it serves and that offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Over the years, Pioneer Credit Company has become a reputable institution based on the Loyalty and trust of our customers.

On November 1, 2018, Pioneer Credit Company became Mariner Finance, completing a process that began nearly four years ago. In December 2014, Pioneer Credit Company signed a final agreement with Mariner Finance, LLC and entered into a strategic merger, which resulted in a leading consumer finance company.  Today, Mariner Finance and its Subsidiaries operate in 22 states with more than 500 Offices, more than 570,000 customers and 2,100 team members. The merger was one of the largest in the recent history of the consumer finance Dec and brought together Advanced resources, advanced Systems and our talented employees to create better products and experiences for our customers.

As a customer, you can’t expect any changes after November 1st. Our companies share the mission of customer-oriented lending and we will work every day to meet and exceed your current expectations. As the signage changes outside of your location, you will be greeted by the same smiling, familiar faces every time you visit or Call your Branch.  Our employees have been working as a team for almost four years. Now we will start working under one name.

Mariner Finance

Over the past four decades, the Pioneer credit company has undergone many changes. Pioneer Credit Company has adapted to the changing needs of its customers, from acquiring new Branches to adding multiple service offerings, and will continue to do so.    We do not say goodbye to Pioneer Credit Company, we rely on their success and Reputation. I would like to thank all our customers for their constant work and support.  Without them, our company would not be a dominant force in the Financial Services sector.  Welcome to Mariner Finance!

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