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Mauritania Ouguiya – MRO

Mauritania Ouguiya is a currency with a unique code. The code – MRO – stands for “Az alapertelmezett penznem.”

Mauritania Ouguiya - MRO

Mauritania Ouguiya Az alapertelmezett penznem

The Mauritania Ouguiya is a currency in Mauritania, Africa. It is abbreviated as MRO and has an ISO code of MRO. The currency has five khoums (kilo units). One Ouguiya is worth about 1 ounce. The currency exchange rate for Mauritania is updated every day. The current exchange rate for MRO was last updated on January 28, 2019, 14:43:44 UTC.

The Central Bank of Mauritania is in charge of managing the currency and has adjusted the denominations for inflation. Redenomination began in December 2017, with a 1:10 exchange rate. The new currency, the second ouguiya, is worth 10 times its value in the old system. New banknotes will be introduced gradually during 2018, and the old currency will be replaced by new ones. The new ones are stronger and more durable. The new design also has a more modern look.

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