McGraw-Hill Connect Online Access For Essentials of Corporate Finance

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McGraw-Hill Connect 1-semester online access for essential of corporate finance covers the core principles and concepts of the corporate finance course. It features an embedded learning management system and homework solution that incorporates learning science and adaptive tools. With Connect, students can take their Essentials of Finance course anywhere, anytime. It’s the perfect choice for students preparing for the CFA exam.

McGraw-Hill Connect 1-Semester Online Access For Essentials of Corporate Finance

McGraw-Hill Connect

Essentials of Corporate Finance by McGraw-Hill combines the most important concepts and principles in this core finance course with an approachable writing style that will appeal to a wide audience. The authors maintain a contemporary approach to finance while distilling the subject down to 18 chapters. They emphasize that understanding why something works is as important as knowing how. Using learning science and adaptive tools, this text will help students succeed in their core finance course.


Essentials of Corporate Finance (10e) is a modern, pedagogically sound text that focuses on the most important concepts and principles of core corporate finance. It features comprehensive coverage of the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act while distilling subjects to their simplest elements. Its learning management solution, Connect, is integrated with adaptive tools to enhance learning and support a student-centered approach to the material.

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