Morry Rubin and FlexShopper

Morry Rubin or his company Flexshopper. It was a small unknown eCommerce store that had a very interesting business model and has since become one of the most successful eCommerce stores on the internet. I attribute the success of Flexshopper to Rubin’s talent and experience in building successful companies from the ground up. Rubin previously worked as the CEO of Preferred Labor LLC. He also had leadership roles in companies such as ATC Group Services, Inc., and Aurora Environemental.

Morry Rubin and FlexShopper

Morry Rubin

Morry Rubin has a strong business resume. During his time in corporate America, he held executive positions with various companies and held prestigious titles. Among other things, he served as CEO of FlexShopper. He co-founded FlexShopper with George F. Rubin and Brad Mitchell Bernstein in 2003 and the company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. During his tenure as CEO, Rubin was responsible for overseeing the business operations and executive decisions.

Flexshopper’s business model has proven to be a great success, as consumers are able to make low payments every week and pay off the product over twelve months. It has been credited to Rubin’s talent and expertise, as he is a well-versed in growing companies from the ground up. He served as CEO of Preferred Labor LLC, ATC Group Services, Aurora Environemental, Inc., and the aforementioned companies.

Net worth

While the average person has little idea of how much money Morry Rubin is worth, he is among the richest people in the music industry. Rubin has a successful career that spans over two decades. In 1986, he was the co-head of the Columbia Records label, where he earned two Grammys for “Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.” Later, he went on to produce all six Red Hot Chili Peppers albums, including the critically acclaimed ‘Reign In Blood’. He has also directed films such as Run-DMC’s “Tougher Than Leather,” which starred Michael Jackson.

Aside from his extensive business interests, Rubin has also become a savvy investor, having invested in many lucrative public companies. Flexshoppper, formerly known as Anchor Funding Services, has reaped millions of dollars for Rubin, as one of the largest shareholders. While Rubin’s net worth is relatively low compared to some other successful businesspeople, it is still impressive to learn that he owns a huge amount of stock units in many companies.


In his most recent article on FlexShopper, Brad Bernstein shares his experiences as a co-founder, CEO, and President. Bernstein previously served as President of Anchor Funding Services, Inc., a company specializing in accounts receivable financing. From January 2007 until December 2014, he was the company’s President. Prior to joining FlexShopper, Bernstein held executive positions with Preferred Labor LLC, a labor consulting company.

The company is quickly penetrating the LTO market, which is an alternative to conventional methods of acquiring durable goods. Its customers are typically those who do not have sufficient credit or cash to purchase a durable good outright. FlexShopper offers popular products from well-known brands, including Samsung and Apple smartphones, Ashley furniture, and more. As a result, FlexShopper is becoming a preferred option for consumers seeking to save money while still enjoying the benefits of a brand-name product.

Morry Rubin and FlexShopper

Company’s business model

The lease-to-own industry has emerged as an attractive alternative for consumers to traditional ways of acquiring goods. In this business, consumers lease the goods for a set number of weeks or months, and pay the balance over the term. The customer can cancel the agreement at any time by returning the merchandise. In the event that the customer does not wish to continue making lease payments, he or she can simply return the merchandise. If, on the other hand, the customer completes the term, ownership is obtained and the customer can opt to purchase the item at any point in the future.

While FlexShopper has a Chairman of the Board and compensation and incentive plans for employees, the company’s board is comprised of three individuals who are not independent of the company. The Chairman of the Board presides over all Board meetings, and is appointed by the remaining directors. The Board has separate offices for the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board. The board does not have a fixed policy for their composition, so Mr. Rubin is free to join and leave the company at any time.

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