Morry Rubin, Chairman of ATC Group Services, Retires As CEO

Morry Rubin has a varied and impressive career. He served as chairman of ATC Group Services from 1988 to 1998 and is now the CEO of Anchor Funding Services. He is also a producer and owns a stake in the Philadelphia 76ers. However, his wealth is mostly based on his ability to invest large amounts of stock units in publicly traded companies. For instance, he is one of the biggest shareholders in Flexshoppper, a company that earns millions of dollars in returns. Therefore, his net worth is estimated at $20 million.

Morry Rubin, Chairman of ATC Group Services, Retires As CEO of Anchor Funding Services

He is CEO of Anchor Funding Services

Dr. Stephen Pollack is retiring as CEO of Anchor Funding Services in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, he will continue to serve on the company’s Board of Directors. His replacement, Andrew Pollock, is the current Chief Operations Officer. Previously, Dr. Pollack was the CEO of Preferred Labor LLC. Before joining Anchor, Dr. Pollack was a partner at Miller, Ellin Consulting Group, LLP. There, he helped companies improve their operations, including asset-based lenders and factoring companies.

Kevin Lyons founded Anchor Funding Services in 2000. It is now one of the most respected privately owned mortgage companies in Southern California. With a proven track record, Anchor’s experienced loan consultants cultivate a long-term relationship with their clients. They have helped their clients secure more than $7 billion in financing. The company offers a broad range of financing options and has forged partnerships with many investors. Anchor is a leader in the industry and has developed a network of investors and support staff to help clients succeed.

He is a producer

The word “producer” is a commonly used expression in the film and television industry. As George Martin once put it, the producer puts the “frame” around a work of art. A producer presents a work to a public and determines its quality. It’s often used in combination with collocations like “creator” or “writer.”

He owns a stake in the Philadelphia 76ers

It’s no secret that NBA owner Morry Rubin has a huge stake in the Philadelphia 76ers. His exit from the Sixers comes just as the Sixers are preparing to make a lot of decisions surrounding James Harden. Rubin’s presence on the court and in the organization has increased considerably in the last half decade. Rubin’s influence was instrumental in the Sixers’ hiring of Daryl Morey and their acquisition of Harden from the Brooklyn Nets. Although Rubin was never the largest owner of the Sixers, he was the most prominent and became a de facto face of the ownership group in recent years.

Aside from having a stake in the 76ers, Rubin also has other interests, including the infamous Fanatics brand. Rubin’s recent efforts to expand his company’s portfolio into sports gambling and individual player partnerships have made Rubin the target of many people. In addition to the Sixers, Rubin also wants to expand his fan base by building his own brand. Rubin’s ownership stake is attracting interest from Rick Ross, a rapper who has been spotted courtside during a Miami Dolphins game.

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