Vice President of Finance Salary in New York, NY

Vice President of Finance earns a salary of $60,000 in New York, NY. However, a VP of Finance may earn significantly more in other cities and states. For more information on Vice President of Finance salaries, read on. In this article, we’ll cover the responsibilities of a Vice President of Finance and the salary range that is typical for the role. Additionally, we’ll cover any bonuses that may be associated with the job.Vice President of Finance Salary in New York, NY

VP of Finance responsibilities

The VP of Finance has a variety of responsibilities, depending on the type of organization he works for. As a financial executive, he or she is often responsible for determining the company’s capital needs, overseeing its cash-flow management, and developing and implementing policies and procedures to manage the company’s cash flow. These responsibilities often include establishing policies and procedures for the purchase and distribution of company-issued securities and preparing financial reports and statements. VP of Finance responsibilities include establishing and monitoring credit policies, overseeing the company’s relationship with banks, and ensuring proper compliance with regulations and laws.

The VP of Finance’s job description should be concise, highlighting the responsibilities, required skills, and company culture. It should also highlight the company’s reputation and culture, as well as the organization’s mission statement and values. It should emphasize the VP of Finance’s impact on the rest of the company. By following these guidelines, you will be more likely to attract top-notch candidates. Just be sure to tailor the job description to the requirements of the organization to ensure the best fit.


A Vice President of Finance (VP) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the accounting and financial reporting processes within a company. Their duties also include financial planning, development of relationships with lending institutions, and overseeing the accounting and result management departments. As such, a VP of finance requires excellent organizational and detail-oriented skills. This post requires extensive knowledge of accounting principles and the ability to prioritize tasks. A degree in accounting is required.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is usually required. This degree will prepare the successful candidate to apply for a job as a VP of Finance. However, a Master’s degree is also necessary. A VP of Finance can also work as a senior accountant, controller, or a manager. A VP of Finance must possess strong analytical and projection skills to excel in this position. In addition, they should be familiar with various business practices and be familiar with the NYC financial industry and the financial services market.

Salary range

The average Vice President Finance salary is between $150,000 and $276,526 annually. This salary is typically based on experience and education, and may include bonuses and profit sharing. The salary of a VP of Finance may also depend on the company’s growth trajectory. Some companies groom their VPs for advancement to the position of CFO. However, their exact salary ranges may vary considerably. Here are some tips to find out more about a VP’s salary and potential earnings.

The average annual VP salary for a bank is over $125,000, based on Glassdoor’s analysis of 610 VP salaries. Depending on the bank, a VP can earn close to $160,000 a year. Whether the salary of a VP of finance is more or less depends on factors such as location, responsibilities, and the size of the bank’s team. However, it should be noted that salaries can vary widely, based on the size of the bank.


The salary and bonus structure for a Vice President of Finance (VP) varies widely from firm to firm. As a member of the executive team, the VP of Finance is responsible for managing the financial well-being and operations of a company. Salary ranges from $90-200,000 annually. Experience, education, and other factors affect pay. Below we examine the compensation and bonuses for this role in New York.

Vice President of Finance Salary in New York, NY

Depending on the industry and level of experience, the average yearly salary for a Vice President of Finance in New York is $195,673 per year. This figure is based on data from 67 TurboTax users. The exact salary will vary depending on the position, employer, and skill set. Listed below are 5 jobs that pay more than the average New York City Vice President Finance salary:

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